Over the past 10 years we have been involved with the construction and/or mining of 7 of the 8 open pit mines that have been active in Central America.

​The Mining industry is a small world. The mining industry in Central America is a very small world so your reputation is critical and you are only as good as your last job. Understanding this and being careful to never take on more then we can handle has allowed us to always ensure that our clients get the best service we have to offer.

Having built and mined more open pit mines in Central America then any other company means we have a deep understanding of the challenges that starting a mine in this region entails. Having the right people, the right equipment, and understanding the local conditions (i.e. environment, labor, materials, political) are critical to getting the project done quickly and efficiently.

We are keenly aware that our success depends on the success of our clients at getting from the drawing board to production as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means we are not as much contractors paid to do a job but partners with the same goals and challenges. We proudly invite you to ask any of current or former clients about the work we have done for them and the partnerships we have had with them.

Heavy Construction

In Sococo de Costa Rica we strive to please our customers, giving them the highest service quality and reliability that combines engineering, procurement of capital goods and construction. With our customers we form teams, to earn their trust, enhancing quality, price and delivery of their projects.

We are extremely proud of the reputation we have built for ourselves in the market and the knowledge that we have never failed to turn over a job on time. In the case of the Arenal Hydroelectric Dam which we built for ICE (the Costa Rican power company) we actually turned over the completed project almost 12 months ahead of schedule. This was remarkable mostly in that it was a very large earth-fill dam built on the flanks of an active volcano in a part of the country that receives over 4 meters of rain annually and has on average only 17 days year without rain.

Other projects have included widening of a key section of the Panama Canal and over 200 kms of highway construction in Honduras.

In 2006 Sococo applied for and received its ISO 9000 official certification of our quality control systems. ISO is world renowned as the standard in quality management systems and we are very proud to be recognized by this organization.

Exploration Drilling

In response to a growing demand from the mining industry, Sococo recently launched it's newest division the Palo Verde Exploration Drilling Company.

With a fleet of "Man Portable" exploration drills we are now able to offer our clients a way to do extensive core sample drilling with the smallest possible "foot print". With no access roads or large platforms needed we are able to dramatically reduce the area affected by the initial drilling exploration at our client’s sites. This means less mobilization costs, less tree clearing and permitting, less earthmoving, and faster results.

With several drilling programs already underway in Guatemala and more starting soon in Costa Rica and Panama, Palo Verde is growing quickly.

Private Development

With the explosive growth of the tourism and residential development happening throughout the region Sococo has expanded it's capabilities to service these industries. With the construction of our first golf course for the Glamis Gold company in Honduras we came to understand the intricacies of this type of earthmoving. We also came to realize how much we enjoyed this type of work.

Since then we have taken on several Private Development projects, sometimes as hired contractors and in other cases as investors and partners. Our interest is in finding the right projects, projects that we believe in and can use our expertise in earthmoving and our expertise in the local markets to add a real value to the project.