About Us

For over 50 years Sococo has been working throughout South America, Central America, and the Caribbean as General Contractors and Mining Contractors. ​As General Contractors our works include Hydroelectric Dams, Highways, Airports, and Canal projects. ​As Mining Contractors we have done both Contract Mining and Mine Construction, including leach pads, tailings dams, site preparation and access roads. ​Working with Private Developers, we've been involved in the construction of resorts, residential sites, and golf courses. ​With a wealth of experience working in this part of the world and a long history of always meeting and exceeding our client's expectations, Sococo has the expertise, the equipment and the manpower you need.

Our Mission

Practicing Excellence in our actions and our business philosophy guided by expression of a culture based on ethical principles and transcendent values - our mission is to:

​• Satisfy with innovation and competitive focus for our clients with goods and value added service, while maintaining high performance quality.

• Maintain our financial stability and promote sustainable growth to reward our resources properly.

• Satisfy ourselves as individuals, favoring the welfare of the societies in which we operate.

Our Vision

In Sococo de Costa Rica we strive to please our customers, giving them the highest service quality and reliability that combines engineering, procurement of capital goods and construction. With our customers we form teams, to earn their trust, enhancing quality, price and delivery of their projects.

We recognize that our market leadership lies in our people:

In happy, competent and committed people who work in teams of high performance, ready to meet the needs of our clients with dedication, professionalism and ethical content.

We believe that the center of gravity of our business is in the projects. Our multidisciplinary team is in charge of project implementation, capable of self administration, in each case incorporating customer personnel and our strategic partners.

In Sococo de Costa Rica we have an ongoing effort to:

• Bringing the best human resources in each area and promote their development by providing programs to improve their skills and challenging job opportunities, attractive compensation systems. We reward loyalty of those who increase the profitability of our business by sharing the benefits.

• Continuously improve our processes to achieve cost and speed of execution conditions that increase the attractiveness of our services, generating a growing leadership and greater market share and ensure the profitability of our business.

• Intervention in significant aspects of supporting the communities where we operate, participate in activities that promote the diffusion of technology, education and sustainable development. We encourage in our people the principles of solidarity and citizenship.